Let us do the searching, interviewing and vetting of all your dates. We take total charge of your love life with handpicked dates, unlimited access to events and help from our confidence builders. Let us do the hard work, so you can spend your time doing the things you love — not swiping!


Who is a good candidate: busy professionals, ready for a serious relationship, who have dreams, goals and passions in life.


The Interview: meet virtually with matchmaker, Abby Rosenblum, so she can learn all about you and what you’re looking for. We’ll talk past, present and future and make sure you’re truly ready for commitment. We’ll take at least an hour to delve into what makes you, you!


Background Check: all members must pass a background check – this includes criminal history and social media search.
Personality test: another layer to determine compatibility! We use a test that combines Meyers-Briggs, The Big Five, The Dark Triad and the enneagram to help find your person.


Confidence Builders: dating is all about putting yourself out there, so why not bring your most confident self on a date? With our one-on-one membership you get access to our confidence builders. That includes: barber, personal trainer, dietitian, stylist and most importantly our library of dating coaches and therapists to work through all the emotions that come up in dating.

Handpicked dates: thoughtful matches picked just for you! Not only are we searching our extensive database, we’re also sending out our “Social Butterflies” who are searching the city for your future partner. Our team sets up your date from start to finish, all you have to do is show up.


Date feedback: After each date, we follow up to see how it went. You’re never left guessing what happened. We let you know if you should move on to a second date or if the chemistry just wasn’t there. NO GHOSTING ALLOWED! We also get feedback to help everyone become better daters.


Online dating refresh: let the experts help with your dating app profiles as well. We’ll help you rewrite your bio, choose the best photos and do a photoshoot if needed!