1. Zoom Date.

The tried and true! Nothing like a good video chat to get to know someone and at least see them in the flesh. We’ve all done this by now, and I can at least speak for myself – I’m SO tired of them! Let’s spice up your Zoom with a game… you can play Pictionary or charades by using this word generator, or really any card game with this site – they even have their own version of cards against humanity.

2. Watch a show together.

If you’re quarantined with someone, I won’t need to explain to you how this one works. If you’re apart from your partner, you can still binge Netflix together with Netflix Party for Chrome.

3. Have a dance party!

Let one person DJ and dance the night away! You could even join one of the many virtual festivals together or listen to a live DJ set, there are so many. Diplo is one of many artists doing this regularly. You could also be like me, and get Just Dance for your Nintendo Switch – then just dance with a friend online!

4. Virtual dinner or themed dinner.

This will take some planning, but it’s not difficult! Make sure you both order from the same restaurant, bring your beverage of choice and have dinner together. You could also make a themed dinner. My fiance and I have done this with an Italian night – we made a whole spread of our favorite dishes, put on some Italian music and lit candles – time to set the mood!

5. Dinner and a show.

There’s nothing wrong with a good dinner/movie date night – but do it quarantine style. Have dinner at home and then make your couch into a movie theater – pop some popcorn, eat some candy… maybe even Netflix and chill?

6. Virtual museum tour

You can take this local or global! So many museums are offering virtual visits right now from The Denver Zoo, to the Denver Botanic Gardens and the Molly Brown House. Enjoy some Denver history from the comfort of your couch.

7. Bring back the high school drinking games…

Kings cup, beer pong or even flip cup are all possible in quarantine. You could really take it back and play never have I ever – maybe a good opportunity to learn something new about the person you’re seeing.

8. Get outside!

The only other thing we can do right now besides stay at home, is get outside. So, go for a walk, have a picnic in the park, create a scavenger hunt outside or just walk to pick up food at your favorite neighborhood restaurant.

 9. Teach the other person something.

Who doesn’t want to come out of quarantine knowing the entire history of Rome? That’s what my fiance is learning right now… nerd! While he’s been teaching me about Roman history, I’ve been teaching him how to play poker. Make sure to bring your patience…

 10. Workout together!

This isn’t last for a reason, but it can make getting your sweat on SO much more fun. You could do this virtually, by watching the same workout video together or you could meet in a park. Maybe go for a run or hire a trainer to kick your ass. Kaitlyn Cole from Arundo-FIT does some great couples workouts – in person or virtual.