For Women


Join our singles database, to be considered for dates with others in the pool and our male clients. Be patient, as there’s no guarantee of dates. It costs $250 to join the database, and you can stay active in there as long as you need!


Interview with a Matchmaker

Meet with us for an hour over Zoom, so we can get to know you better! We have questions about everything from past relationships, your lifestyle, values and, of course, what you’re looking for in a partner.

Vetting Process

We take pride in making sure all our singles are ready for a committed realtionship, know what they’re looking for and have a stable career and financial situation. We run a background check and personality tests on every person before they become a member or client.

Dates & Events

 Be patient when it comes to dates! As a member of our database, you will be considered for blind dates with other database members and our male clients. We encourage you to be patient, and attend our events in the meantime.