Virtual dates are  the new norm right now, and if you’re trying one out for the first time, you’re not alone! We’re all new to this virtual world. Instead of wondering when we’ll get back to meeting in person again… let’s focus on the positive! Here are some ways to make the most of your ‘virtual’ first date!

Put some effort into your look

I’m right there with you – I’ve worn leggings and t-shirts for almost 3 months now! The idea of dressing up can be daunting. By putting on a nicer top, doing your hair, putting on make-up and *gasp* jeans – you can change how you feel about yourself and help boost confidence. On at date, everyone needs that extra boost of self-confidence and I’m a big believer of when you look good you feel good. Bust out a look that makes you feel confident, and most importantly you. Need some help finding that look that makes you feel great? Contact SheStylesCO for your virtual consult!

Be open

To feel a connection virtually, you may need to open up more than you would normally during an in person date. My advice – get a little deeper on that first meeting. Of course, you’ll want to ask about what that person does for work, where they’re from or what they do for fun, those are all important. It’s good to mix things up and ask things that someone might not expect, but there is a fine line here of making sure it doesn’t seem like an interview. Try things like: what are you looking forward to most once the quarantine is over? What have you been doing to try and stay positive? What makes you happy? My other piece of advice – stick to the positive. With so much negativity around the pandemic right now, it’s easy to fall into the “woe is me” conversation – that won’t help foster a connection.

Be honest and be yourself

You’re already dressed to impress, now you just have to show off your amazing personality. Many people worry how they’re coming off virtually, and I think we all understand that it’s not the same as meeting in person. If you can be yourself, I promise that will come across virtually. Think of how many friends and family members you talk to all the time over video chat – that’s not awkward! Put yourself in that mindset, and pretend like you’ve known this person more than 5 minutes. If you feel like you have to show off, exaggerate stories or pretend to be someone you’re not, that’s not the right fit. This person should love you for YOU!

Break the Ice

My final piece of advice for virtual daters out there is to break that initial awkwardness with humor or something that you both share. On a virtual first date, you’re bound to have some awkwardness. Whether that’s caused by internet issues, audio problems or video delay –  break that initial awkwardness with a joke! If you’re not funny, bring a beverage to the party – then you can always start by asking what that person is sipping on! Find something you have in common, right now we all are going through the same thing – and talk about that.

Here’s the positive in all of this: it’s new to EVERYONE! Before you get on that Zoom date, just know that no one is a pro at any of this and we’re all just learning as we go.