Cuffing Season

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Join our new interactive course led by

head matchmaker Abby Rosenblum

The big goal is for you to walk away with a new approach and mindset when it comes to dating. The lessons and one-on-one time with me will help you shift your dating mindset from FRUSTRATED TO FUN during the 8 weeks we’re together. We’ll talk about everything from getting over an ex, how to set boundaries on a date and how to attract the right person into your life. My hope is that you’ll walk away with a war chest stocked full of tools and resources to make the most of dating. 

We’ll have a mix of men and women as well as different ages for the course and here’s the rundown:
–       A new 5-10 minute video lesson drops every Sunday
–       Each video will end with a though-provoking prompt or assignment to help you begin to shift your mindset
–       Two live Q & A sessions on November 13th & December 18th where we take a deep dive into the lessons.
–       The opportunity to ask any/all dating-related questions in the live sessions or weekly in emails/texts to me.
–       A handpicked blind date at the end of the 8 weeks