2020 has been weird to all of us! From juggling virtual dates, social distancing and endless zoom calls we are all in need of a little love. If you’re feeling some type of way this time of year, you’re not alone, because it’s cuffing season.

Cuffing season: the colder months, from roughly November to February, when singles spend more time inside and want to get into a serious relationship.

Cuffing season is different this year. Under normal circumstances, singles may settle for a cuddle buddy with a red flag or two, but now… everything is elevated. Many people are feeling the pressure to hunker down with just anyone with the threat of yet another stay-at-home order. You may find you’re really compromising your standards just to have a warm body.


That person might seem great right now, but you can only ignore the red flags for so long. Once spring comes around and the cuffing season clouds clear, you’ll be saying goodbye. Here’s what you can do to stay sane and not get cuffed to the wrong person:

1. Ask yourself about the 3 Cs

Are you curious to get to know them more? Are you comfortable around them? Are they cute? If you can answer these three questions with a yes, then it’s ok to move forward in the cuffing process.

2. Don’t compromise

Be honest with what you want. If it’s a fuck buddy — cool go with it! If it’s a monogamous and committed relationship — then go with that and stay true to your needs.

3. Check in with yourself

If you feel pressured to get all wifed up, ask yourself “why?” Is it just not to be lonely? Is it to fill a void? A relationship that you start out of desperation to not be alone – may not be the right one. This is a great time to take a deeper look within yourself, make a list of what you want in a person, meditate, color or read some books to help deal with some baggage you maybe haven’t addressed. This will help you avoid a “situationship.” 

Virtual dates are still a thing!

If another stay-at-home order happens, dating doesn’t need to stop. We’ve been through this before and we have all been flexible before. As a matchmaker, I’ve continued to set up dates despite this pandemic. You can always chat virtually – and here are some fun ways to spice up that virtual date night! And click here for my tips on how to make that great virtual first impression.

Just remember — finding your person is a lot about timing. As hard as it is, just try to be patient. If you’re ready to find that great person during cuffing season, let me know, I’d love to help!