While you’re stuck working from home, organizing your kitchen, playing with your dog or managing kids that are off school – there’s no better time for to reset and reflect. As we go through this pandemic, I’ll be telling my own story of self-love and hopefully giving you perspective on how you can better love yourself.

We get this time as a whole society to do a reset. 

The Coronavirus is changing our way of life as we know it. We’re now relegated to working remotely, “social distancing” and rationing toilet paper. It all feels so strange, and many of us – including myself – are just trying to make sense of it all. I’ve realized we can’t make sense of it, we just have to put it into perspective and think of the positive.

Sure, you can spend your time looking at memes, day drinking and binge-watching your favorite show, but what if everyone used it as a time to build themselves up?

Let’s start with a basic human need – love.

You can argue with me all you want – it’s not one of the “basic” human needs, but if we don’t have it we are MISERABLE. While many of us are isolated, it can get lonely – so let’s practice self-love. Start by figuring out your love language (you can have more than one). For a refresher they are:

– Physical Touch: hugs, holding hands, sex etc.

– Quality Time: spending time together

– Words of Affirmation: telling someone you love them, they’re amazing

– Acts of Service: doing little things like making the bed, cooking dinner etc.

– Gifts: anything big or small

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Usually I use love languages for couples to help them figure out how to make sure the other person feels loved. BUT have you ever thought about using love languages to show yourself love!? For example, my love language is acts of service. When my fiance does things around the house for me, I feel most loved (poor guy, right!?) Then, I also do things around the house and it brings me joy and love. It’s on a different level, but of course we can practice this too.

If you’re quarantined, physical touch is a hard one – so rely more on your secondary love language. We can still spend quality time by calling or video chatting – or spend some time alone, how often do we really get to do that? You can give yourself words of affirmation every day and of course you can buy yourself little gifts. Maybe a nice roll of toilet paper off eBay!