Do you find yourself waiting for quarantine over and constantly looking toward the future? Or maybe you find yourself dwelling on something in the past. Either way – I want you to throw both those out of your head and just be with your thoughts in the present.

Of course, those thoughts aren’t always positive and right now it’s even more difficult. Each day we’re wondering when this will be over, when we’ll be able to go outside again and when we’ll be able to socialize and see our friends and family in real life again.

Looking at social media doesn’t help either; it seems like every meme is negative — whether it’s about eating too much, never leaving the house, or chugging wine in the middle of the day.

I’m working on accepting the present – or as they say ‘carpe diem!’ Doing this, I’ve never felt better and that’s because I’m focusing on the positives that I can control right now. Try to think of your own positives each day, and write them down!

My positives I think about every day:

– I’ve had more  quality conversations with my out-of-state friends now than I have in a while

– I’ve gotten to connect with clients in a different way – with more in depth phone calls and video chats.

– I’ve been more active – going on walks or runs every day.

– My house is SUPER clean.

– I’ve had free time for the first time in TWO YEARS! (since I started this business and it’s amazing)

If anxiety and fear start to creep in, think of what you’re grateful for. You can’t feel both those emotions at the same time… try it! See? I told you it works!