Find those things that make you happy. Do them.

We know to be kind to others, but why do we have such a hard time being kind to ourselves? We’ll cut others slack, but when it comes to us, we can be so critical. A little self-love and self-compassion can be so important… especially right now… in the middle of a global pandemic! Whether you recognize it, coronavirus is impacting all of us in different ways. It might lead you to be self-critical, have mood swings, stress eat or get frustrated easily. Here’s my quick tips to finding that compassion within…

 Let your emotions happen.

 If you’re feeling sad, it’s OK to cry. If you’re feeling frustrated, it’s OK to let off steam (in a healthy way). If you’re feeling overworked, it’s OK to take a break. If you’re feeling happy, it’s OK to smile and laugh.

Tell your inner voice to chill.

 You know that inner voice? The one that can sometimes be so critical? Let’s tell that inner voice to chill! Cut yourself a break, and don’t be so hard on yourself. This all goes along with the cycle of shame. Experts talk about this all the time – how we can just dig ourselves into a hole with negativity. Let’s say you’re trying to stop eating potato chips, so you tell yourself “don’t eat them they’ll make you fat.” Rather than telling yourself something negative, try something positive like “if i eat vegetables instead, I’ll feel so much better and have more energy!” This is all part of self-love and kindness. And, hey, if you break your diet every once in a while, don’t be so hard on yourself!

Do something that brings you joy.

 Self-compassion also means doing things for selfish reasons, and because they make you happy. Try doing something for yourself, EVERYDAY. Take the time, even just five minutes, to do something that brings you joy. That could be any number of things. For me it’s: baking cookies, getting outside, watching a Disney movie or writing.