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The Social: Modern Matchmaking

Bringing Back Tradition

Dating has become overwhelming in 2019. How many hours a day do you spend swiping through singles profiles online? Denver singles - stop wasting your time and just meet someone in person! The Social: Modern Matchmaking does the hard work for you. We meet and get to know all our clients to make sure they are genuinely interested. All members have to pass a background check.

How do I get started?

Click the "Sign Up Now!" button to start the matchmaking process. Someone will reach out to schedule a free dating consultation.

Fees differ depending on what kind of services you would like.

How do socials work?

Once you join The Social you become a part of our club. We will hold socials for Denver singles each month at a brewery, bar, outdoor spot, or even a workout class! At socials our matchmakers will help introduce you to people we think you would be compatible with.

Tell me about individual matchmaking

We know it might be scary...the word blind date...but it's a great way to meet people! This is way better than a dating app, because we do the hard work for you making sure you go on a date with someone who has similar interests...and who can actually hold a conversation and isn't a creep! We speak with all our clients to get a feel for who they are, who they're looking for and match with that information.

About Abby Rosenblum

Why start The Social?

I have spent a lot of time on dating apps and see all my friends doing the same. Many times they don't meet anyone! So, I thought why not create an easier way for people to meet? AND you don't have to stare at your phone. Usually the best connections are the ones you make in REAL LIFE, so, why don't we apply that to dating?

My Background

I'm a Denver native who has just made her return to the Mile High City. I love to do all those stereotypical Denver things, going to breweries, hiking etc. I love to cook and most importantly brunch on the weekends! I love meeting new people - part of what inspired me to go into matchmaking.