When things get lost in translation over text …

It can be hard to tell what someone means when you’re just getting to know them!

Texting is just how we communicate, so when you’re setting up a date that’s probably how you’ll do it! But, sometimes you can’t tell what someone means over text… it has happened to all of us. Here’s one that happened to me, hopefully it’ll make you laugh!

Exhibit A:

Of course, I proceeded to think this guy was completely crazy. This was only our second date, and I didn’t know him well enough to know if he was joking or serious. So, obviously, I called my best friend to help me decipher this text and proceeded to ghost this “Del Taco” guy.

Exhibit B:

Later “Del Taco Guy” did respond saying “haha you know that was a joke right?” And that’s when I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with Del Taco, but for a second date? Probably not the most romantic idea. Just so you know… “Del Taco Guy” and I survived this miscommunication – and we’re still together over a year later!

Here’s my advice:

1. In the beginning of a relationship, try to be straightforward over text. Jokes and sarcasm are totally fine, but sometimes difficult to understand over text. So, if you’re not sure if someone is going to understand what you’re saying – throw an emoji in there just to make it clear!

2. You don’t need to text ALL THE TIME!

3. Don’t be afraid to call – I know it seems intimidating, but it’s so much easier. We’re all busy and don’t have the time to text all day everyday, so a phone call can simplify all of that.

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