The Authentic Way to

Find Love 

Find REAL love, in REAL life.

Why matchmaking?

No swiping. No texting. No ghosting. 


Being single can feel lonely, and we totally understand that! You’re probably here, because you haven’t found your person yet. Dating alone is hard enough, so why go through it alone?

Matchmaker, Abby Rosenblum, is always looking out for your best interests. From searching for your dates, setting everything up from start to finish, helping you feel confident and being someone to vent to. It’s not just Abby, you’ll have access to all of our amazing partners who help you feel your best. That includes everything from barbers, stylists and personal trainers to dating coaches, therapists and even an astrologist. When you work with us, know you have a whole team behind you!


Let’s take away the BS. The filters, bots and superficiality. Our singles go through an extensive vetting process to make sure they’re ready to be their authentic selves on a date. There’s no swiping, texting or chatting. Just REAL meetups whether starting virtually or in person.


Dating is can be tough, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that it should be fun! It’s time to flip the script and start meeting awesome people that have you looking forward to your next date and your next match. I’m here to help be your guide and help set a positive mindset before each date. 


About Abby Rosenblum

I’m a Denver native who is happy to continue to call Colorado home!  I wasn’t born a matchmaker, but I’ve always had an innate ability and passion to bring people together. After going to Syracuse University, I worked in television for 5 years -everything from talk shows, morning news and streaming. I’m called to make the world a better place, and this is how I’m accomplishing that, through authentic connection. Don’t worry, I also have a life, you can find me hitting the slopes, spending time with my family and cooking great meals for my friends.

Founder & Matchmaker

I was a serial dater, myself! Before I met my fiance, Keven, I went on about 75 dates from the apps. Of course, that’s how I found my man, but I thought: “dating shouldn’t be this hard!”

I saw my friends facing the same issues and wondered what else was out there. I found matchmaker, and noticed the industry needed a fresh approach, and here I was with a whole bunch of ideas! My part-time passion project turned full-time reality in 2018.

About Margaret Hess

Genuine connection is everything to me! It certainly was just that when I met Abby at an event in Denver. We immediately hit it off and I started working with The Social: Modern Matchmaking as an intern, then social butterfly and now matchmaker!
I’m a New Mexico native who came up to Colorado for college and never left. While I have a background in hard science and energy, my true flair is for creativity and personal connection.

Social Butterfly & Matchmaker

“I feel most called to build authentic connection for romance, business or even friendships! When I’m not being The Social Butterfly, I enjoy traveling, exploring antique shops and petting other people’s dogs.”

The Matchmaking Process


Initial Interview

We need to get to know you! Every member does a one hour interview with our matchmaker, Abby Rosenblum. You’ll discuss everything from marriage, kids, lifestyle, habits and values.

Background Check

We fully vet all members with a background check, along with social media and Google search.

Personality Tests

All members take the Big 5, Enneagram & Meyers-Briggs to help us determine compatibility even further.


You decide how much you want us involved in your love life! If you want us to do all the hard work, that’s the one-on-one membership. If you’re ready to throw yoursel finto the pool, that’s the database membership. For more information on memberships click here.

Bringing Back Tradition to Colorado

Matchmaking has been around for hundreds of years! One of the first matchmaking agencies started up in the 1600s in the UK. It’s been a staple on the dating scene for so long, and continues to be a great way to find a partner. Do you think anyone has ever felt “dating burnout” from matchmaking? We definitely haven’t seen it yet, so that’s why we’re bringing matchmaking into the modern world, and want to spread the word about its benefits to singles in Colorado.